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to help you remember what you intuitively  know

3 simple ways to ABSOLUTELY start taking your power back now.



Instead of running on autopilot tomorrow, take 10 minutes in the morning to set your intention for the day. Setting your intention is not to be confused with creating a to-do list; they are not synonyms.

Setting your intention is identifying what you want to experience and when you both write it and say it aloud, you subscribe to it, you look for it, and you allow it in when you recognize it happening.

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A sure-fire way to bring  yourself back to a state of calm and coherence after you're triggered (or brought into the awareness of dis-ease) is to shift your perspective to appreciation.  Take a few minutes daily to bring ten things you appreciate into your mind.  This exercise clears the fight or flight responses that are typically defensive, accusatory, toxic and self-sabotaging. 

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Write & Burn

Don't suppress your emotions, find a healthy, safe outlet for them and release them from your mind and your body. Maybe compose the email but don't put their name in the to field so you can type exactly what you want to say to get it off your chest. Another helpful exercise is to write a Dear Asshole letter about the person but don't send it to them. Once you've gotten every fact and feeling on the paper, take it outside, put it in your barbecue grill or fire pit and burn it.  (be safe with this one)

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