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Do you remember who you were before you became a wife? 

Is it challenging for you to envision who you're becoming now that divorce is on the table? 

As a young girl, I moved from being under my mother's wing to being a college student, then an employee, and ultimately a man's wife, all without knowing who I was as a woman.

How do we decide whom to marry when we haven't clarified who we are, what we believe, and what we want?

How equipped are we to make decisions when we're using a lack mindset as our picker? 

Looking back, I can see the gaps in my evolution as a woman.

I see where my unhealed trauma did the deciding for me. 

Electing to master the lessons that experience comes to teach us is a choice.


Releasing the victim archetype and taking back my control one decision at a time saved me from a life of perpetual blaming and suffering.

I wrote this book to share the good and bad of my journey, believing that women will be inspired to resurrect their power and reclaim the lifestyle of a divine, deliberate creator.

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