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mindfulness for

Feeling stressed is natural;

staying stressed is not. 
70% of employed adults report being stressed out by their jobs. 

As a leader, you can help.

Mindfulness Solutions For Organizations

Tools for Teams & Organizations

Yoga at Home

15 Minutes of Mindfulness
The Tools and the Time to Practice at Work

Bring your team together virtually for 15 minutes to help support their overall wellbeing.

What to Expect:

  • Overview of the fundamentals of meditation

  • Comfortable postures for stress reduction and mindful sitting

  • Breathing exercises

  • Practice guided meditation

15 Min Meditation

The Mindful Leader Development Series 
A people-centered approach to organizational development for companies who want to promote inclusivity, inspire collaboration, and increase efficiency.

Built on the foundation of the KIND© framework, MLDS is designed to coach leaders on how to create compassionate, inclusive, people-centered environments.

4 Pillars of the KIND© framework:

  1. Karmic Leadership

  2. Insightful Coaching

  3. Nurturing Evaluations

  4. Dynamic Delegation

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What You'll Learn:

  • Stress-reducing self-care techniques (when you feel better you treat people better- so let's start with you)

  • How to approach crucial conversations

  • Fundamentals of inclusivity

  • Framework for one on one and team meetings

  • How to identify microaggressions

  • Mindset chats to uncover potential blocks that sabotage inclusion and belonging initiatives

How Your Organization Benefits:


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