15 Minutes of Mindfulness
The Tools and the Time to Practice at Work

Bring your teams together once a week for 15 minutes to practice mindfulness tools. Studies show investing in mindfulness reduces stress and eases tension which results in increased focus, collaboration, and efficiency. 

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The Mindful Leader Program


BNLP is a 4-month program that focuses on four pillars to provide today's leaders with the mindfulness techniques and resources to cultivate healthy relationships with clients, customers, peers, and direct reports. What issues are impacting the synergy within your team? Are your key contributors off their game or ready for a level-up? Bring your team together for 90 minutes monthly in person or virtually for this game-changer.

4 Pillars of the KIND© framework:

  1. Karmic Leadership

  2. Insightful Coaching

  3. Nurturing Evaluations

  4. Dynamic Delegation

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You'll Learn:​

  • Mindset exercises to uncover and eliminate potential blocks that sabotage inclusion and belonging initiatives

  • How to deliver information and not incite defensiveness, but inspire collaboration

  • Techniques to strengthen rapport 

  • How to influence outcomes through the intuitive win-win methodology 

Looking for your next personal development course for yourself, your team, or your organization, this is it.


It's All Me
Women's Reset Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally

This course was conceived from the self-help book by author Vivian Hughes; It's All Me: The Modern Woman's Guide to Thriving After Divorce and is a 4-week immersive experience that facilitates the healing process through mindset shifts and community for mothers who're divorced or separated from their child's father.

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This course takes you on an introspective healing journey that helps you identify and clear unwanted thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that prevent you from feeling whole and in control of your life on a core level.

Create rituals to support your centeredness and grounding; including meditations, fasting, sound healing, body movement, sacred showers, detox baths, grounding in nature and more. 

It's All Me Course & Community

DYNAMIC© Framework:

Decide - Make decisions from a place of power

You- Remember you co-create your world

Naturally - Harmonize with nature

Align - Identifying your north star

Masterfully - Acting from mastery

Intuitively - Hearing your inner knowing

Consciously -Co-parenting synergy

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