This book right here is a book for every woman.

If you are divorced, married, separated, single parent, dating, or even new to the dating game, you need to read this book. And it's not just for women in my opinion.

This book will help you to understand how people feel when relationships end, and how you can hurt others because you are hurting. The activities are good too.

BUY THE BOOK and read it. You won't be disappointed.

-Tammi W

Hi, I'm Vivian Hughes, and I created Brand New Me to help women release outdated beliefs, reconnect with their truth, and take immediate and consistent action on their goals in a way that produces tangible results within a matter of days. 

Ready to create your website, launch your course, start your business, or publish your book?

Give me a weekend, and you'll have it done!

I support you with a fresh perspective, strategy, and technical skills to quickly bring your vision out of your head and into reality.

Ready to Birth Your Vision?


Max Rose, Founder,

Max Rose Studios

Don't let the smooth taste fool you!:) Vivian is really refined (smooth). She's super classy, but don't let that cause you to miss that she's every bit a point of accountability and the most vigorous mentor and coach. She challenges me and engages me in a way that makes me realize what I'm giving up when I play it small, but she never does it in a way that wounds my psyche. I'm not certain how she finds that balance, but I'm grateful. PRAISE REPORT: I had a $3,500 day this week. I had several coaching and marketing clients close a deal & the cash was a welcomed reward for "doing the work" that I learned with the Brand New Me Program. Also, my workouts have been better than ever, and I'm getting movement in my career with new opportunities. Thanks so much Vivian!

Lisa Coker, CEO,

Infinite Management Solutions

Vivian’s 7 day intention setting course was invaluable.  Her relaxed and pleasant demeanor allowed her to speak a message that literally awakened my soul!  During this timeframe, I developed my daily affirmations, which enabled the things I had longed for to be manifested quickly.Her spiritual connectedness and humble spirit enabled the good Lord to speak through her and deliver a message that only she could deliver – continue to let God use you, Viv because His people need your gift! I had been going back and forth about a life-changing decision, after speaking with her over the course of 2-3 months, it became evident, that it was time to take the Leap of Faith!  To that end, I resigned from my 6-figure paying job and decided to focus on my own business – knowing that I had everything I needed already.  Vivian’s a good to great kind of coach!  If you’re striving for greatness, she’s your girl!  Her no-nonsense, yet gentle approach will enable you to go to the NEXT LEVEL!


Awarded, Dayton Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40”


Keri Wallace, MBA

Higher Education Administration

I was hesitant about posting this, but Viv helped me realize that this is yet another example of manifestations happening in my life. So, through BNM, I created my vision board back in November, along with my daughters and her friends. Well this is the first thing I received from my vision board. It’s not an engagement ring, but an unexpected upgrade from my husband! We hadn’t talked about it, nor was this a milestone year for us (this year will be 19 years). Write the vision and make it plain upon tables! It works!!!


The #1 problem you'll absolutely solve with me in your life...

You will finally accomplish that one goal that you couldn't accomplish on your own. 

How I Support You

Happy Girl
New Woman

The Launch

Ready to shed baggage, heal and update your perspective? Learn to create self-care rituals including meditation, movement, and more.

Team Meeting
New Leader

The Mindfulness

Cultivate relationships with peers, direct reports, and leaders while improving your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those you encounter.

Confident Woman
New Life

The Re-Program

Are you repeatedly struggling with the same problems, using the same strategies, and expecting different results?

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More about Vivian

Divorced after 13 years of marriage, I'm a single mom of 3 children, Lauren 21, Robert 20, and Ryan 13.

I know what it feels like to want greatness for your legacy but not have the energy, confidence, clarity, strategy, or support to take the necessary steps to bring your vision out of your head and into your reality. 

That's why I'm passionate about helping women do the hard work of rediscovering and aligning with their truth.

To see life's disrupters as a call to action to evolve, expand, and take consistent STRATEGIC action so they feel invigorated and connected as they operate and achieve on a high level.

I've been an intuitive teacher since I was a child but wasn't aware of it until my 20's. 

I've been a coach, trainer, and a Realtor in Detroit and Dallas for over 20 years.

I've helped individuals and organizations like Fiat Chrysler Corporation, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development deliver workshops that empower leaders to cultivate collaborative relationships, live healthier, more fulfilling lives, and enhance their value proposition resulting in material improvements both financially and emotionally.