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Workplace Well-being Workshops &

Performance Coaching 


Feel better and accomplish more?

(you can, here's how)

Like your unique fingerprint, you have a distinct way of processing information, which governs how you feel and respond to people and events.

Learn how to restore your sense of control and shrink the impact of day-to-day annoyances so you feel centered and inspired and realize more of your desired results in a fraction of the time.

Solutions For Individuals, Teams & Organizations

We partner with you to reduce burnout, improve engagement & increase retention.


Reconnect with your purpose and take action that gets your desired results in a shorter time.


Reignite the spark on your team by leaning into each person's superpower.


Reduce burnout and feel engaged and inspired to build healthy relationships and hit goals.


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Life keeps happening.

Let's get you what you need today so you feel inspired and strategic and see the fruits of your labor!

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What people say about working with us...

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Vivian’s 7-day intention-setting course was invaluable.  Her relaxed and pleasant demeanor allowed her to speak a message that literally awakened my soul!  During this timeframe, I developed my daily affirmations, which enabled the things I had longed for to be manifested quickly. Her spiritual connectedness and humble spirit enabled the good Lord to speak through her and deliver a message that only she could deliver – continue to let God use you, Viv because His people need your gift! I had been going back and forth about a life-changing decision; after speaking with her over 2-3 months, it became evident that it was time to take the Leap of Faith!  To that end, I resigned from my 6-figure paying job and decided to focus on my own business – knowing that I had everything I needed already.  Vivian’s a good to great kind of coach!  If you’re striving for greatness, she’s your girl!  Her no-nonsense yet gentle approach will enable you to go to the NEXT LEVEL!


Awarded, Dayton Business Journal’s “Forty Under 40”

Lisa Coker, CEO, Infinite Management Solutions

More About Vivian
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More about Vivian


Divorced after 13 years of marriage, I'm a mom of 3, Lauren 23, Robert 22, and Ryan 15. My passion is helping you reconnect with your purpose and take consistent action that aligns with your goals despite chaos and adversity.

After my divorce in 2010, I began a quest to stop suffering and feel better. To say it was challenging is to put it mildly.
Along my journey, I discovered resources that are not one size fits all, and I rebuilt my life leveraging a blended modality approach. I share these tools to empower you to feel engaged and purposeful, so you are inspired to take consistent, strategic action.

For over 20 years, I've helped individuals and organizations like Fiat Chrysler Corporation, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), First Guaranty Mortgage, United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Homecomings Mortgage, and N-ovation Technology Group (NTG) deliver coaching, mentorship, and workshops that empower leaders with growth strategies to gain clarity, transform, and advance relationship and leadership capabilities personally and professionally. 
I'm a published author and licensed Realtor for over 20 years. I have a bachelor's degree in business administration, Workplace and Personal Wellbeing Certified, Life and Business Coach, Advanced Trained PSYCH-K Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, and Advanced Trained Meditation Guide.

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