Vivian Hughes is wise beyond her years. Her book, “It’s All Me: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Divorce” is a thought provoking work of art that gives the reader a window into her divorce journey. The author provides a transparent view while at the same time sharing many pearls of wisdom that can be applied to any relationship scenario. As a happily married wife and mother, I found this book to be insightful and inspiring, and I totally recommend it to all women regardless of marital status. It provides a genuine perspective of life, love, pain, and healing; And is a true example of how to overcome personal trauma for yourself and the sake of your children. Thank you for writing this book!

-Carla B

Stuck trying to figure out what to do next? Let me help you find your mojo and get your life back on track. 

I created Brand New Me to help people connect with their true desires, replace outdated beliefs, and take immediate and consistent action so they can birth their vision and see tangible results within a matter of days.

Ready to Birth Your Vision?

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I'm Vivian Hughes, a holistic performance coach.

Ready to identify and replace sabotaging beliefs and behavior with programming that supports the vision you have for your life?

15 Minutes of Mindfulness
The Tools and the Time to Practice at Work

Bring your teams together once a week for 15 minutes to practice mindfulness tools. Studies show investing in mindfulness reduces stress and eases tension which results in increased focus, collaboration, and efficiency.

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What to Expect:

  • Overview of the fundamentals of meditation

  • Comfortable postures for stress reduction and mindful sitting

  • Breathing exercises

  • Practice guided meditation

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What people say about working with me...

Modern Living Room

Don't let the smooth taste fool you!:) Vivian is really refined (smooth). She's super classy, but don't let that cause you to miss that she's every bit a point of accountability and the most vigorous mentor and coach. She challenges me and engages me in a way that makes me realize what I'm giving up when I play it small, but she never does it in a way that wounds my psyche. I'm not certain how she finds that balance, but I'm grateful. PRAISE REPORT: I had a $3,500 day this week. I had several coaching and marketing clients close a deal & the cash was a welcomed reward for "doing the work" that I learned with the Brand New Me Program. Also, my workouts have been better than ever, and I'm getting movement in my career with new opportunities. Thanks so much Vivian!

Max Rose, Founder, Max Rose Studios

The #1 problem you'll absolutely solve with me in your life...

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You'll finally accomplish that one goal you couldn't accomplish on your own.

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Move past disappointments | Overcome energetic blocks | Make decisions and take action from your higher-self​​

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More about Vivian

Divorced after 13 years of marriage, I'm a single mom of 3 children, Lauren 22, Robert 20, and Ryan 14.

I know what it feels like to want greatness for your legacy but not have the energy, confidence, clarity, strategy, or support to take the necessary steps to bring your vision out of your head and into your reality. 

That's why I'm passionate about helping people do the hard work of discovering and aligning with their truth.

To see life's disrupters as a call to action to evolve, expand, and take consistent STRATEGIC action so they feel invigorated and connected as they operate and achieve on a high level.​

I've been an intuitive teacher since I was a child but wasn't aware of it until my 20's. 

I've been a coach, trainer, and a Realtor in Detroit and Dallas for over 20 years.

I've helped individuals and organizations like Fiat Chrysler Corporation, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development deliver workshops that empower leaders to cultivate collaborative relationships, live healthier, more fulfilling lives, and enhance their value proposition resulting in material improvements both financially and emotionally.



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